the princess saves herself in this one

by amanda lovelace

This National Poetry Month (April 2021, USA) I’ve chosen a book of poems for the NoMo Book Club. 

Once I started reading, I didn’t stop until the end, at which point there were tears running down my face. It’s a powerful book and touches on some pretty painful topics; abuse, grief, mental ill health. The book is split into four sections; The Maiden, The Damsel, The Queen and You. Lovelace has written from experience and the emotional weight of this charges each poem with its intensity. It’s an orange trigger because although none of the iterations of our heroine have children, there is a desire inherent in her words. Because of the painful topics explored within, I felt this book should come with a warning even though the triggers aren’t specifically related to childlessness.

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This is a book that has many potential triggers such as death, eating disorders, trauma and mental ill health. While there are no specific childless triggers (save for one poem which starts, “If I had a daughter”) I would advise checking reviews if any of the other topics may affect you.

*These triggers are based on my own perception of the book – there may be other things that I have not picked up on. If in any doubt, follow the link to the Goodreads page to read more reviews and ask questions.