Presenting…The Online Book Club for Childless Women

Happy Pride Month

Even though the world’s LGBT Pride marches have been cancelled this year, I still want to show my support for the community and celebrate in my own way – through my blog! It’s been 51 years since the Stonewall riots in New York began the revolution for LGBT people that finally saw them receive the basic human rights to which they are entitled. Humanity has come a long way. My love goes out to the whole LGBT community and I fully expect that next year’s parades will be even more fabulous than ever.

Introducing…The NoMo Book Club for Childless and Childfree Women

Elsewhere on my site, you may have seen me playing around with a new concept which I am very proud to be able to reveal: Nomo (Not Mothers) Book Club. As you may know, I joined a wonderful online community for women who are childless not by choice (like me) and have started co-hosting a book club there, choosing a book per month for the women to read safe in the knowledge that there will be no ‘miracle babies’ or other triggering content. This inspired me so much that I wanted to bring it out of the community and into the wide world! I have been compiling a library of books that showcase successful, happy, fulfilled women who do not have children for whatever reason. As a book reviewer for Net Galley, I often get my hands on new titles and there is definitely a shift towards recognising the stories of the 20% of women in our society whose lives are not justified by having children. Of course, I have nothing against women whose lives are shaped by motherhood, that is exactly how it should be for them, but I want women like me to know that there is more to life, even if we didn’t choose for it to be this way. Head on over to NoMo Book Club for updates, or follow me on Instagram. Here’s a webinar I attended this month with the author of a great book for the NoMo library The Weekend by Charlotte Wood.

Proofreading Update

As I continue on my journey to become a proofreader, I have been reading and learning about the publishing industry, and would like to thank Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle for their excellent and informative Editing Podcast. Thanks to this, my knowledge has grown exponentially. So, in order to pass on some of that knowledge, here’s a graphic I’ve made which details the different types of editing using corn. Why corn? Well, I had to use something, so why not corn?

And finally…June Book Wrap

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