Lockdown Life

How can it possibly be May already? I look out of the window and the world looks the same…but it isn’t. At all. The UK has been on lockdown since March 23rd 2020, and the news looks grim. We’re now at the point where Covid-19 has affected someone everyone knows; it has permeated our society and ravages on. We are told that we’ve passed the peak and that the virus is slowing down. I sincerely hope this is true, for the sake of everyone who has been, or will be, affected by this. But for the foreseeable future…


One World: Together at Home

.On 18th April 2020, Lady Gaga and Global Citizen collided to create a series of home videos by some of the world’s biggest music artists. Together, these clips became One World: Together at Home which was broadcast around the world for free on streaming sites such as YouTube. Although it went on for 8 hours (!), my husband and I sat up through the night watching, and I’m glad we did. Just like with the first NHS ‘clap for carers’, it felt like I was part of something much bigger, and at times like these, being part of something can be everything. The concert is still available to watch on YouTube, but here’s one of my favourite performances of the night.


Treat Yo’ Self – Book Bestie

.Just before the world went bonkers, I ordered myself a little treat on Etsy. I have fully embraced my Kindle these days, and needed a new case to keep it protected (seeing as I never leave the house without it!) Now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks, I’m pleased to say I’m very happy – it’s durable, has a zip to close when needed (this is a little extra, but worth it), and it looks great. I chose one of the designs from the seller’s shop, and there are many, many others. There’s a link from the photo if you want to check them out.



One of the books I read this month (One Year of Ugly by Caroline McKenzie) drew my attention to something that isn’t always obvious, particularly for writers who are immersed in their story whilst writing. This ‘thing’ is time. When reading a novel, it is so important to know when I am, as well as where I am, and this can sometimes be overlooked. By adding a simple time adjective into a sentence, the reader’s feet are firmly placed to take in all the other wonderful elements of your story. Without it, the reader can become lost, lose focus or simply drop the flow.



Thanks to being housebound, I’ve read a lot this month. Here’s what I’ve been reading, along with links to my Good Reads reviews (click on each picture to take you there directly.)

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