Living the Dream?

Around Christmas 2017, my husband and I found out that we were never going to be able to have children of our own, and this prompted a years-long search for the thing that would give my life purpose. Maybe there’s a memoir in those dark times somewhere, but here I am, almost on the other side of it, with a plan (and better mental health as a result)…

What do I enjoy doing? Reading. Gardening. Learning. Yoga. Baking (this one is in time-out at the moment since I bought a cheap cooker which is on track to knock the Google Home Speaker off the top spot as my #1 nemesis).

How can I do these things, uninterrupted, and still pay the bills? There, my friends, is the Big Question. How can I do those things? Step 1: Find a job that gives me as much free time as possible, in order to concentrate on what I consider my “real life”. Check. I got a job in admin which runs on a nice, predictable rota. This means that although half the time, I’m doing nothing but working for a corporation; for the other half I’m free as a bird to do whatever I like! That’s where Learning and Reading really shine. I decided to write this blog as a kind of journal of finding a life without a child, that still has buckets of joy to offer. So, the plan is simple. Find things that make me happy as often as possible. Or as a friend once said by way of hanging plaque, Do What You Love Every Day.

It’s the beginning of spring. Almost a new tax year. Daffodils wherever there’s grass. Sunshine finally creeping back into the garden, warming up the veg patch. And, of course, the raging pandemic systematically wiping out the human race.

Perhaps that was a little dramatic. But Coronavirus (COVID-19) is no joke. It’s been two weeks since I left the house. I am in the approximately 0.025% of people for whom this new “reality” is ideal. Stay home you say? *Tucks Kindle under arm, uses the belt of dressing gown to sashay off…*

Living in isolation has been fine, for me. Sadly for many this is very difficult and I have buckets of respect and gratitude for those that are keeping the country running. Personally, I have managed to find joy in a few things. Maybe sharing them will help spread that joy out a little.


Fresh Flowers

I recently signed up to a flower subscription service called Freddie’s Flowers. They send cut flowers along with instructions on how to place them in the vase [flower yoga!]. Here’s a pic of what I’ve created so far…

Use referral code LisaK44 if you sign up at here for a FREE BOX for you (and a sweet discount for me!)



A few months ago, I started using PicCollage to make book graphics at the end of each month, see above for the March edition. This has become a nice little reminder of what I’ve been reading. I saw a post in a facebook group recently about using a pin-map app to track where you’ve “been” through literature. It’s definitely something I’m going to try, but the app is currently unavailable on Android *rolls eyes*. But for now, here’s what I read in March along with links to my reviews on GoodReads.

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