One of the most significant moments in my own journey of childlessness was finding others like me who understood what I was going through. It was thanks to this community that The NoMo Book Club was created and my new childless reality stopped being a burden and became an opportunity. Below are some of my favourite places to find support, fun and laughter without the fear of parenthood becoming a focus. I’m adding more resources as I find them, but get in touch if there’s something that’s helped you that isn’t here yet.

I often get asked about non-fiction books tailored towards the childless community and there are LOTS! I’m conscious that I will forget or miss some, so rather than trying to keep an up to date list here, I’ve created a ‘store’ on which you can check out here – this is where I save all the books by and for our community that I sadly don’t always have time to read (because I’m lost in a fictional world instead!) If you know of others, please get in touch and I’ll add them.

The NoMo Book Club exists because of and for this community. As you can imagine, it’s not a profitable enterprise and everything I do is paid for from my own pocket (web hosting isn’t cheap!) – if you’re able to help, please consider donating via the button on the right, or better yet, using the links on the book pages to buy your copy through my affiliate links! It costs you nothing and gives me a small commission, 100% of which goes back into The NoMo Book Club.

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