For many, myself included, reading is a sanctuary; an escape.

For some, reading stories with a baby or motherhood plot or “happy ending” can be very painful and cause emotional distress. It can make us feel that our sanctuary is no longer a safe place.

I want to shine a spotlight on books that recognise and celebrate childlessness. Not every happy ending includes a baby.

Because it can be hard to know from the blurb whether a book will contain triggers, I will review books that look like they might meet this criteria so that I can advise, recommend and warn others like me. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a key to my trigger warnings so you can decide whether you’re ready to read a particular book or not. 

So, if you’ve ever looked for yourself in fiction and found it lacking, dive into the books below that have been screened for potential NoMo triggers. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favourite along the way!

The below reviews are arranged by a trigger traffic-light system. Click on the colour to take you to a list of books for each category, then click on the book information to read the full review and buy your copy.


Trigger warning levels explained:

This book contains few triggers, some characters may have children or talk about having children.

There are some triggers in here which may include pregnancy, baby loss or pronatalism. I recommend checking my review for full details if you may be affected.

This book contains a major trigger such as a ‘miracle’ baby. A ‘miracle’ baby is the result of fertility treatment, pregnancy of a woman in her late 30s+ or a child gifted due to death or incapacity.

Due to the time it takes to read and review so many books, I am no longer writing full reviews for red-trigger books; the link will take you to a short review on Goodreads.

NB: These trigger warning levels have been devised by me and are based on my own experience of reading each book. There may be triggers which I have not recognised, if this is the case please get in touch to help me further support our community.