Book Review – The Last Goodbye by Fiona Lucas

Anna’s husband Spencer died in a tragic accident; three years later she is trying to  

step out of the darkness and find a new way to navigate her life.


In a moment of weakness on New Year’s Eve, she dials Spencer’s old phone number and to her shock (and horror!), a man answers. Of course, it isn’t Spencer, but it is the start of a path towards healing and re-entering the world of the living.


This book comes with a trigger warning which I have detailed below, it’s a big spoiler so read with caution – but if you’re feeling sensitive then it may be worthwhile to have a look to reassure yourself.


I’ve always had a morbid fascination with books in which a spouse or partner dies (think: PS I Love You!), and this is one that did not disappoint.


What I loved about it was the universality of the experience of grief. Not only does Anna lament the loss of her husband, she also recognises and explores the loss of her chance to be a mother (however, see triggers below for a little more on this). Grief as a concept is touched upon multiple times in the story, for people that have been lost as well as experiences that may also now be out of reach. There were moments that spoke to me as a childless woman, experiences of grief that are not unique to death. A particularly resounding quote was this:


 Fiona Lucas is a very talented writer. The characters were vivid and multi-dimensional and the plot itself drove on with just the right amount of suspense and heart-wrenching detail.


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A quick note: the author has children and this is referenced in the front matter of the book.


Spencer’s brother is expecting a baby and the pregnancy appears in the book a few times – the baby is born during the course of the story. This causes Anna some distress for reasons to which we can all relate.


Anna and Spencer were trying for a baby before he died – she muses on this being taken from her. Whilst the book does not end with a baby, or even a hint of a baby, there is of course the chance that this would occur after the fact due to her age.


Spoiler: Brody had a child who died.

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